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Used with hand vehicle purchases complacency your sales where you can get auto expert service, experienced and professional staff, technological infrastructure, objective and impartial report on Turkey's most preferred auto appraisal firm Asotou expect the Independent Vehicle Appraisal branches.


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To eliminate risks experienced in the 2nd hand car market in Turkey to provide accurate and reliable auto inspection services in Turkey and we aim to expand our expertise in family giving franchises in the Middle East. Turkey's auto sector expert and founder of a leading company Asotou, has made a name for itself in the industry with skilled staff and advanced equipment. In auto service and expertise services, if you want to provide accurate and professional service and move forward with us, you can contact Asoto expertise. Become an Asoto expert dealer, let's win together.


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Suspension Test

Within the scope of this expertise, spring, bend iron, swing, shock absorber, tie rod end, tie rod and wheel balls, cardan shaft (shaft), axle shaft controls are performed.

Vehicle Sub Controls

It includes the sub-mechanical controls made by taking the vehicle on the lift. Oil and water leaks, damages and front arrangement clearance are checked.

Engine Mechanical Test

All of the tests performed to measure the robustness and reliability of the mechanical parts of the vehicle with the standards are called engine mechanical tests.

Vehicle File Query.

In the vehicle file inquiry service, pledge, confiscation, stolen, agzos emission, vehicle inspection KGS, OGS, HGS, insurance history, heavy damage record (pert record), tramer accident report, tax debt and traffic penalty and ISPARK debt inquiry are performed.

Body Paint Expertise

Within the scope of this appraisal process, front and rear panel controls, vehicle chassis control, body controls (micron paint value measurement), door, fender, rear trunk, hood, roof controls, interior pillar control, mast, pool sheet, podye sheet checks and bumper travers controls are carried out.

Lower Front Mechanical Expertise

Within the scope of this expertise, engine belts controlled, hand brake ropes control, steering wheel control, fuel tank leakage control, transmission control, differential control, engine oil leakage control, transmission shaft and differential controls, land gearbox (four-wheel) control, swing bushings - ball joints. - axles, front team control, radiator and fan control, tie rod controls and exhaust control.

Engine Expertise

Within the scope of this expertise, engine cover protection control, cable control and engine electrical installation, leakage control and cooling water hoses, engine oil control, air conditioning pipes control, heat, sound, engine and insulation control, power steering pipe leakage control, radiator control, hydraulic oil control, brake hydraulic control, transmission and differential oil control, antifreeze control and battery control are performed.

Preliminary examination

In the preliminary inspection, it examines whether all motorized and non-motorized vehicles in the traffic are technically sufficient, and are subjected to the procedures in TÜV TÜRK just before the periodic vehicle inspection procedures performed by TÜV TÜRK. The deficiencies revealed as a result of this preliminary examination are reported in detail.

External Condition Expertise

Thanks to this expertise, tire dates, headlight washing systems, tread depths, parking lights, headlights, taillights, fog lamps, hoods and toolbox, exterior accessories, wheels, wiper arm and wiper blades are examined and controlled.

Internal Condition Expertise

Within the scope of this expertise, interior console and torpedo, tape keys, airbags, horn, steering wheel, seat belts, windows, air conditioning and grilles, mirror motors, internal joint gaps and steering wheel, gear and handbrake lever, wiper and headlight lever. electronics, seat heating and electronic and interior lighting controls.

Lateral Slip Test

In this test, the alignment of the front and rear axles of the vehicle is checked with great care. When the steering wheel is left on a straight road, it is checked whether the vehicle slips to the right and left, whether the axle gaps are correct and whether the rot-balance adjustments are correct. This test is a very important test to determine the road holding and durability of the vehicle.

Brake Tests

Within the scope of this expertise, brake linings and brake disc, brake caliper, ABS and parking (hand) brake controls and brake servo (westinghouse) controls are performed.

Dyno Test

The dynamometer, or force gauge, is used to measure the torque and horsepower of an automobile engine. Reports the performance and compression of the vehicle with the Dyno test. By comparing all data, information about engine fatigue is obtained. Thanks to the dynamometer test, the vehicle's transmission checks are made. At the same time, all gear shifting ranges are controlled. Transmission gear shifts and knocks are detected.

Electronic Controls

Within the scope of this expertise, brain, ABS, OBD, ESR, EBD, DSC, ASR, USA, indicator, battery, vehicle past fault records, instrument panel electronics, passive failure, active, airbag warnings, instant mileage, central lock electronic unit, gasoline ignition system, starter motor, charging and diesel heating (glow) controls are made.

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Price list


3.750 ₺
  • Kaporta Boya Analizi
  • Araç Altı Kontrol
  • Fren & El Fren Testi
  • Süspansiyon Testi
  • Yanal Kayma Testi
  • Mekanik Kontrol
  • Yol Testi


4.750 ₺
  • Airbaglerin Cihaz İle Kontrolü
  • Kaporta Boya Analizi
  • Araç Dyno Testi
  • Araç Altı Kontrol
  • Fren & El Fren Testi
  • Süspansiyon Testi
  • Yanal Kayma Testi
  • Mekanik Kontrol
  • İç Ekspertiz
  • Dış Ekspertiz
  • OBD Kontrol
  • CS Motor Testi
  • PTT Km Sorgu
  • Tramer Sorgu
  • Borç Sorgulama
  • 1 Ay 1000km Garanti

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