Engine Mechanic Masters Tasks

Engine mechanics masters are indispensable and one of the cornerstones of the auto expertise sector. The auto appraisal process is a whole and the most basic duties of the engine mechanic masters are as follows in order to ensure that this whole can work correctly.


Who is a Master of Engine Mechanics?


The engine mechanic master takes the vehicle, which is welcomed by the foreman, on the lift to the area of expertise. At the first start of the vehicle, it starts to listen and control the sound of the engine. Then, he deals with issues such as whether there is any vibration or vibration in the vehicle, is there a problem in idling the vehicle, is there a maintenance warning in the vehicle. In addition, engine mechanics masters control the pressure lining of the vehicle and initiate physical controls on the lift.


The chassis number on the vehicle, together with the vehicle's chassis number in the license, checks that the vehicle is appropriate.


What are the duties of motor mechanics masters?


The duties of engine mechanics masters are as follows. These;

First, the brake hydraulic oil is checked, the antifreeze of the vehicle is measured and reported as numerical values.

If the vehicle is equipped with power steering, the hydraulic pipes and oil leaks are checked.

The fuel systems of the vehicle are checked and any leaks are noted.

All air conditioning pipes of the vehicle are controlled. All air conditioner is turned on, it is expected for a while. If there is a problematic section, it is reported immediately.

All visible belts are checked and any cracks or wear are noted.

Then engine oil leaks or impermeability are checked.

If the engine mechanic masters see a problem in the pressure of the engine, pull the dipstick and discuss whether there is any blowing, burnt gas or steam in the engine when the gas is given to the vehicles, and make the necessary report by talking about the need for compression tests.

It may also require an engine compression test for reasons such as the engine burning oil, oil loss.

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