Why Should You Prefer As Auto Expertise Dealership System?

Asoto Expertise is the first professional company in the auto market. This company works with a fast and high quality service understanding. As Oto Ekspertiz aims to provide a reliable service. It ensures that trading transactions are carried out impartially and independently by staying at an equal distance to the buyer and seller. Asoto Expertise carries out all the inspections and procedures of the second-hand vehicle and investigates whether the vehicle is really suitable for the description given in the advertisement.


An appraisal report is presented in the light of the data obtained as a result of the examination performed by computer and various technologies. This report ensures that the buyer has the most accurate information about the vehicle. Working with the principle of strong and reliability, Asoto Expertise manages to stay a few steps ahead of its competitors with its proven and tried successes.


Asoto Expertise sees the growth potential of the auto market and tries to develop its dealers together with them. In this way, your investment will return to you in a very short time and allows you to profit even more than the profit margin. It provides consultancy services on many issues in line with the needs of its dealers. It does not need raw materials and suppliers. Because there is a ready customer base. It has a very advanced vehicle query software system. It is a company that has all the certifications required for auto expertise.

The Features You Must Have to Become an Asoto Expertise Dealer

To become an Asoto Expertise dealer, you must have a passion for success, entrepreneurial spirit, financial management experience and people management. At the same time, you must have the financial opportunities required to be an Asoto Expertise, dealer and a successful business history. If you are ready to give both your time and all your power to Asoto Expertise, you can find the opportunity to get a dealership.

What support does Asoto provide to its dealers?

  • Consultancy on site potential feasibility and location selection
  • Consultancy service regarding personnel recruitment
  • All training activities for staff before and after opening
  • All consultancy services during the activity
  • General and local marketing supports
  • Zone protection systems
  • Inspection activities and determination in goods and service standards
  • All kinds of software and web support
  • Letterhead paper provided at the opening stage
  • clothes
  • report
  • all institutional materials and training such as brochures
  • Use of common knowledge pool



Application Evaluation

The candidate dealership application form is filled and sent to As Auto Expertise. The form that is accessed on the Internet is evaluated by the Franchising Department within a week at most. Then, all necessary documents such as photographs, people and vehicle density related to the area where the dealer will be opened are provided. Applications with negative results are notified to the entrepreneur via e-mail.


Candidate Evaluation and Location Visit

If the candidate dealership application is successful, the location where the dealer is planned to be opened is visited. If there is not a specific place already, interviews are made for the location recommended by As Oto Expertise or where the candidate wants to open a dealership. After all the necessary examinations are completed, an appointment is made to the candidate by the Franchising Department and then a face-to-face meeting is made with the candidate. During the meeting, the candidate is informed about participation in the system.


Feasibility Studies and Report Sharing

The survey is taken for the place to be opened or the existing place. Information about the business potential of the region is obtained. Information is obtained about the equipment that may be required in the region. Detailed information is given about the expected profit and loss statement and return on investment for the candidate. A detailed report is prepared as a result of the feasibility study.


Signing Dealership Agreements

A sample of the contract is sent to the candidate where the feasibility report is presented and the contract is signed within 10 days.


Starting the Architectural Project

Construction is started in the field of survey drawings.


Pre-Opening Studies and Opening

On the specified opening date, the opening invitation is printed and distributed to local press institutions.