Asotou appraisal, Turkey's first professional, fully independent, impartial and independent expertise center. At the same time, Asoto expertise, which prepares a detailed auto expertise report by testing and inspecting the status of breakdowns or accidents of second-hand vehicles with technical equipment, devices and robots, is fast, with its dealers spread all over the country, and pre-sale auto expertise services for domestic and imported vehicles, It is prepared reliably.

Reliable and Impartial Service

Asoto expertise aims to provide an impartial service by staying at an equal distance to the buyer and the seller, thus ensuring that the intermediate buyer has access to accurate information about the vehicle. In this way, the rights of both the buyer and the seller are protected. In order to get a reliable and impartial service, you need to work with a professional expertise firm.

High Quality Standards

All Asoto expertise firms serving in our country act in accordance with the vehicle expertise requirements of the Turkish Standards Institute. At the same time, Asoto expertise firms carry out their activities in accordance with the Quality Management Principles. We aim to provide the most accurate service to our customers with services that have quality standards.

Storing Vehicle Reports

With the new law, vehicle appraisal report must be received within three days before the date of sale. Asoto Expertise meets the standards of the auto expertise centers of the Turkish Standards Institute. Serving by applying quality management principles, Asoto Expertise keeps its Expertise reports digitally for at least 3 years. While the data about the vehicle is kept without error and completely, the number of these reports is increasing day by day.

What are we doing?

Asoto Expertise offers a comfortable, reliable and impartial environment where they can meet with buyers and sellers to make an appraisal of the vehicle, agree on the price according to the report, ask any questions about the vehicle they will sell, and get ideas and negotiate. Asoto Expertise offers expertise reports for every brand of used vehicles. In order to get the appraisal report, you can give the information of the vehicle you want to purchase to Asoto Expertise and inform the company of the reporting package you have chosen and take it to the nearest Asoto Expertise service after making an appointment.

Used with hand vehicle purchases complacency your sales where you can get auto expert service, experienced and professional staff, technological infrastructure, objective and impartial report on Turkey's most preferred auto appraisal firm Asotou expect the Independent Vehicle Appraisal branches.